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Simple automated compliance management for organisations that have a responsibility to care for others.

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Compliance at a Glance

Compliance at a glance

See your compliance status across your entire organisation in one simple screen.

Automated compliance management

We take away the headache from your team, removing the risk of human error. SafeHub knows when certificates are due to expire and automatically contacts people in your organisation, reminding them to renew them.

Using a combination of email and text messages, SafeHub handles the renew process with no human intervention required.

Automated Compliance Management
Simple Document Review

Simple document review

Whilst technology is great, it can’t be trusted to review something as important as a Safeguarding training certificate to ensure it’s authentic. SafeHub makes the review process quick and simple. Our reviewer mode gives you the ability bulk review, taking on average 10 seconds per certificate.

Policy management

The policy module uses the same underlying SafeHub technology applying it to all of your policy documents. Let SafeHub manage all of your critical policies and remind you when they are due for review. Automated reminders can be sent to your organisations individuals if a review is required of a policy or if changes have been made to any company policies

New Policy Module
Mobile Document Upload

A simple end-user expereince

Individual members of your organisation can log into the platform at any time, and at a glance see which certificates are required to be fully ready to work. Our simple traffic light system enables them to quickly to see any items requiring attention.

Individuals can upload their certificates from their mobile phones. Simply take a photo of a document with the camera, and upload it straight into SafeHub. No need for a scanner. No emailing documents. No excuses.

Organisation Roles

Create your own Organisational roles and set administrative rights for the organisation members including required documentation for each role.

Club Org roles
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Safe-Hub has optional resource creation functionality for your organisation to create a collection of resources to assist and inspire your users.

Our resource features enable you to create a clean and intuitive resource section within your Safe-Hub account.

It makes navigation easy for members to find relevant content. The design is appealing.

It incorporates clear headings. Also, it has organised sections that categorise the different types of


With our deep dive reporting module you can keep track of who has received a notification and who has opened, read or clicked on an email communication.

Access stats on Incident Management, with active statistics on the time to last incident and how your latest platform communications are doing across your member base.

Club Org roles (1)
Club Org roles (2)

Coming soon "The Vault" Incident report management

Stop using Excel spreadsheets or paper to detail and manage your incidents. The Vault is our propieratry incident management software tool.

It allows you to record incidents, add witness
statements, attach files and much more. Set notes in the system whilst you are going through the due diligence on an incident.

Create a permanent digital record and protect your business or organisation from lack of information or questions of integrity and trust.

No spreadsheets

More time

Greater confidence

Reduced risk

Peace of mind and time back with SafeHub